Jacob Pattasseril

Vice President of Operations

Jacob has more than 20 years of industrial experience in biological Manufacturing Operations, Processes and Technology Development, Technology Transfer, and implementation in cGMP facilities. His contributions have significantly accelerated product development timelines, bringing new products to market quickly.

Prior to joining RoosterBio Inc., as the Director of Development at MedImmune/AZ, he provided hands-on technical and operational direction in developing, transferring, and implementing scalable biologics manufacturing processes (Upstream and Downstream) with high productivity and yield as well as building and expanding flexible manufacturing facilities. As an Engineering Manager at Lonza, Jacob and his team designed and implemented new technologies and processes for large scale culture, separation and purification of therapeutic cells (Allogeneic and Autologous). He has authored or co-authored multiple technical publications and is an inventor on multiple patents.

Jacob holds a bachelor’s degree in Bio-Chemical Engineering from University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has been an industry leader focused on single-use technologies and has given multiple industry relevant talks at major Bioprocess conferences (IBC, ISPE and ISCT). Jacob has a long-standing interest in integrating technologies and flexible manufacturing facilities to improve operational efficiency, drive down the cost of biologicals, and shorten the timeline to bring new products to mature and emerging markets.