Taby Ahsan, PhD

Vice President, Analytical, Process & Product Development

Dr. Taby Ahsan has extensive experience in both basic and translation studies in the fields of tissue engineering and stem cells. For her training, she received her BSE at the University of Pennsylvania, her PhD at UCSD, and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at GA Tech. Shortly after her PhD, she worked at the tissue engineering company Advanced Tissue Sciences in La Jolla, CA. Starting in 2009, she was a faculty member in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Tulane University, leading an independent research laboratory focused on biomechanical regulation of both pluripotent and adult stem cells. Taby was also a Member and Chair of the Cell, Tissue, and Gene Therapy Advisory Council (CTGTAC) at the FDA. In 2017 Taby joined RoosterBio Inc. in her continued efforts to have a positive impact on public health.