Club RegenMed™ NFTs: Building a Regenerative Medicine Community

RBC3RoosterBio Club RegenMed NFTs are focused on community building & will offer membership perks. 

RoosterBio is launching an exciting initiative for those within the RegenMed and Advanced Therapies ecosystem that furthers our mission of fueling the development of scalable regenerative cures. We are launching a generative NFT (non-fungible token) collection that will act as a membership token to a community that has a strong interest in next-generation cell-, gene-, tissue-, and exosome-based therapies. Our skilled digital artist has created a fun collection of 333 Rooster images, with various attributes having different rarities. Each NFT is a digitally unique composition that exists on a cryptographic blockchain. Owning a Club RegenMed NFT will not only be a status symbol within the Cell & Gene Therapy community, it will also come with real-world benefits such as access to virtual roundtables on community-driven regenerative medicine topics, invitations to IRL meetups at relevant conferences, and points that can also be earned via participation in the events and the broader community.

All 333 Club RegenMed NFTs will be given out for free to existing customers, collaborators, and friends that have a digital wallet that can accept the gift. Once all of the NFTs are gone, the only way to join ClubRegenMed will be by invitation.

Benefits of Club RegenMed Membership

Your Club RegenMed NFT will be your digital membership card that has several benefits. NFTs are unique digital tokens central to future Web3 applications, and we are hoping to utilize these NFTs to build community and reward our friends and customers with swag and experiences. Membership benefits will include:

  • Participation in and planning of virtual technology roundtable discussions that RoosterBio will coordinate and line up speakers for on topics central to Advanced Therapy such as scale-up manufacturing, cell and exosome product characterization, entrepreneurship, QC release, and other topics.
  • Invitation to exclusive happy hours and meetups at industry conferences such as Phacilitate, ISCT, and ISEV. As we organize virtual and IRL events, we will track participation and issue points to those that attend and contribute. We will also issue digital POAPs for those that are interested. As you earn points, you will have the opportunity to receive t-shirts and other rewards in the future.

You can start participating in ClubRegenMed by sharing your NFT on social media with the tags @RoosterBio and #ClubRegenMed.  RoosterBio will poll the community members and possibly offer other perks in the future.

How Do I Get a RoosterBio Club RegenMed NFT?

The generative NFT collection will live on the Solana cryptocurrency blockchain and will require the owner to download a Solana-friendly wallet such as Solflare or Phantom. You must install one of these digital wallets on your mobile device or computer (usually as a Chrome or Brave browser extension) and create an account to set up the wallet.

  1. Email us at and let us know if you are a customer, collaborator, competitor, admirer, or friend. Include your public wallet address, and we will do our best to get everyone an NFT that is interested.
  2. We will send the NFT to your digital wallet of choice that can accept Solana NFTs. If you don’t have one, we recommend downloading the Solflare or Phantom wallets on iOS or Android smartphones or as a browser extension on the Chrome or Brave browsers.  There are several YouTube tutorials if you need help!
  3. You will have to send us your public wallet address in the initial email, and we will send the NFT directly to your wallet! You can then admire the NFT on your desktop or mobile device, and show it off to your friends.

We are only allowing one free NFT per person. Club RegenMed NFTs will also be available on the online marketplace to trade for those that are interested. All revenue generated from marketplace sales will be used to fund Club RegenMed-specific activities.

What is the Carbon Footprint of the Club RegenMed NFT?

Sustainability is one of RoosterBio’s Core Values, and we have taken the carbon footprint of the blockchain platform into account when deciding on how to execute this project. According to our research, the carbon footprint of minting our NFTs and sending them to Club RegenMed members is less than that to send a simple text-based email.

While first-generation Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are very energy-intensive, many of the newer blockchains, such as the Solana chain that we are using, have innovated much cleaner solutions, and there are even newer chains coming to market that are going to be carbon neutral by design.

As for the RoosterBio NFT, the energy cost to “mint” them (i.e. to put them on the blockchain) requires a little less energy than 2 Google searches. This is between 400,000 to 4 million times less energy than equivalent NFT minting on Ethereum or Bitcoin. This energy consumption has been summarized from this report. We have also calculated the grams of CO2 used according to this online calculator to be 0.4 g of carbon to make the NFT. One standard text email requires about 4 grams of CO2. Thus, we can make and distribute five NFTs on the Solana blockchain for the CO2 cost of an email.


We are really excited to launch this initiative and would love to hear from you on how we might be able to provide other interesting benefits to the broader regenerative medicine community.

RoosterBio is fueling the rapid implementation of scalable advanced therapies. Contact us to discuss how we can accelerate your product & process development. Follow us on LinkedIn for more educational resources just like this.