Next-Generation Critical Wound Care & Role of RoosterBio

The seemingly endless complex battle injuries as a result of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF), and Operation New Dawn (OND), and from other unnamed contingency operations worldwide has consumed the U.S. Department of Defense long before the Military Health System was founded. The constant real-time medical procedure, equipment, and weapon evaluation to determine the action/reaction of the ever-changing threat has prompted the need to, “move the needle” as it has been labeled, and expedite the conversion of killed in action to severely wounded and severely wounded to uninjured.

The unwavering protection and treatment of the men and women that protect us is mission-critical.

The Challenge: Find a solution to assist in the rapid development of new lifesaving and restorative medical technologies that returns the Warfighter to his or her pre-injury performance, or better.

This task, performed in a frustrating routine of controlled access, fiscal constraints, an acquisition system not designed for medical advancement, non-scalable solutions, and political uncertainties is challenging; however, it was through this adversity that the criticality of quality raw material and control of the supply chain was realized. Regenerative Medicine solutions compared to the classic manufacturing chain of, for example, a vehicle or weapon system, add an immediate complexity to the logistics because the starting material is living (cells, tissue, etc.).

Image courtesy of DoD 

Our Promise: RoosterBio acts with a sense of urgency with energy, drive, and a goal of accelerating the cell-based bioeconomy by supplying our customers the highest quality human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSC) the market has ever witnessed.

Our hMSC bioprocess systems radically accelerate the path for our customers to the rapid development of lifesaving/restorative medical products for U.S. Warfighters, driving current and future operational readiness definitive solutions on the battlefield of the future.

Our Solution: RoosterBio makes it possible to bring the next-generation critical wound care closer to forward-deployed military positions with products like sole source Ready-to-Print (RoosterRTP™) late passage 50M hMSCs.

We are the first to launch a “ready-to-print” product allowing bioprinters and tissue engineers to thaw and use large quantities of hMSCs for same-day experiments, avoiding time-, labor- and cost-intensive cell expansion processes. The large-scale cell expansion without the need for culturing in short time periods is necessary for any forward-deployed printing relevant to military interests.

In addition to RoosterRTP, RoosterBio offers products that address both and industry and military medicine bottlenecks – the availability and cost of clinically relevant mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (bone marrow-, umbilical cord- or adipose-derived) and extracellular vesicles. These are the critical raw components for the acceleration of the Restorative and Regenerative Medicine solutions to the clinic and ultimately the patient in need. We are the only choice of hMSCs for use in scalable Regenerative Medicine products and provide the supply chain required for the sustainable clinical translation of our current and future customers with a focus on accelerating the development of Warfighter medical solutions.

RoosterBio is fueling the rapid implementation of scalable advanced therapies. Contact us to discuss how we can accelerate your product & process development. Follow us on LinkedIn for more educational resources just like this.