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Everyone at RoosterBio is extremely excited to be launching our company, shipping our first products, and interacting with tissue engineers, cell therapists, synthetic biologists, and our customers to learn about innovative research in these fields, share our knowledge, and contribute to the Cell and Tissue Engineering Revolution. The central theme behind RoosterBio, or what we call our “business hypothesis”, is that as living cellular technologies become more affordable, easier to access, and much simpler to incorporate into product development efforts– there will be a rapid acceleration in products coming to market that incorporate these technologies. We believe that we can help shape this new market by Democratizing Cell Technologies and making them abundant, affordable, and much simpler to translate into the clinic.

We have assembled a team at RoosterBio that have years of experience in stem cell R&D, cell therapeutic product and process development, and manufacturing operations, and with this blog, we hope to share many of the topics that we are so enthusiastic about.  We gravitate toward technologies at the technical interfaces of fields such as 3D printing and tissue engineering; thus 3D bioprinting of tissues will be a big topic on this blog.  We will be sharing our thoughts on step-changes in technology on topics like stem cell therapies, engineered tissues and organs, biological robots, manufacturing technologies, and synthetic biology.  We will also engage in educational posts related to our expertise, and comment on broad themes that are facing the industries that we care about, such as establishing standards in the stem cell arena.  The developments in progressive fields always have profound effects on science and society, and we believe we are on the verge of the cell and tissue engineering revolution. 
This blog is targeted at the scientists, technologists, engineers, and doctors that are working passionately and feverishly to bring cell-based products to patients, as well as for general audiences that are interested in the driving forces behind cellular therapies, regenerative medicines, and tissue engineering technologies.  We hope you will come back to learn and engage in the conversation, and also be a part of the next technology revolution as Biology becomes Technology
We encourage everyone to leave comments and to feel free to say what is on your mind. We look forward to the dialogue and helping to accelerate the Cell-based BioEconomy!


– The RoosterBio Team

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