Prolific Stem Cell and Cell Therapy Blogger Alexey Bersenev (@cells_nnm on Twitter) has recently written a post on his Cell Trials blog titled "Trends in cell therapy clinical trials 2011 – 2013". If you are interested in Stem Cells and Cell Therapy, it is highly likely that you already know Alexey. He is one of the most passionate and dedicated technologists in the area. If you don't know him,... Read More
RoosterBio is introducing a new product for highly efficient bioreactor expansion of human Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (hMSCs) that we are calling RoosterReplenish-MSC. This innovative, first-in-class stem cell product is a concentrated bioreactor feed that replaces nutrients and growth factors that have been depleted during microcarrier expansion of hMSCs and replaces the need for a media exchange, enabling scalable and efficient fed-batch hMSC bioreactor expansion processes. This is the first of several new products that we will launch enabling a cell therapy and tissue engineering bioprocess revolution that will be the foundation of a sustainable Regenerative Medicine Industry. Read More
Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) are currently in use in over 400 clinical trials and are critical components of tomorrow’s cell-based products and devices (1, 2, 3). Secretion of biomolecules by hMSC influences many biological processes and is thought to be central to the mechanism of action. Since widespread clinical use of hMSC and cell-based therapies with positive economic outcomes will be facilitated by frozen storage, cryopreserved hMSC must maintain high levels of biological function upon thaw. Additionally, while hMSC have an excellent clinical track record in terms of safety, efficacy data has been difficult to come by, suggesting that more standardized cell formats are needed. This too could be addressed by effective means of cryopreservation, allowing off-the-shelf hMSC products to be widely used in Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering and for 3D BioPrinting of cells and tissues. Read More
MSC 2015is quickly approaching next month and we at RoosterBio are getting ready. This conference is arguably the single most important conference related to MSCs, and Cleveland is the considered by many to be the birthplace of the current paradigm of MSCs used in therapeutic contexts. We will be sending most of our company, and we do look forward to seeing everyone there. Not only is this...
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Human Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells, or hMSC, are key components of future therapeutics, engineered tissues, and medical devices and are currently in use in over 400 clinical trials (1). Bone marrow-derived MSC (hBM-MSC) have historically been the most widely used hMSC, but hMSC can be isolated from many tissues of the body including fat, umbilical cord blood, dental pulp, Wharton’s...
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We are always looking for ways to enable the commercialization of Cell-based Therapies and Technologies. The ultimate success of the field is dependent on the convergence of several technology fields, and one that isn't given sufficient attention is the Measurement Sciences (or metrology). The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a Biosystems and Biomaterials Divisionthat... Read More

Dear Stem Cell Pioneer:


February marks the one year anniversary of RoosterBio shipping our first stem cell products to our valued customers, and I personally am very excited for the coming year ahead. We look forward to delivering even more high quality stem cells to people like you that are doing amazing things.


Looking forward into 2015 and beyond, I want to make sure we are staying true to our...
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RoosterBio participated in the annual Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society’s Annual Meeting of the Americas chapter (or TERMIS-AM for short) in Dec 2014. You can find a lot of content on the meeting at the conference website where you can download the program for free, as well as read the published abstracts in the journal Tissue Engineering. The final registration...
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A"Golden Age" is defined as a period of time in a field where "great tasks are accomplished." The ancient Greek philosopher Hesiod initially coined this phrase, and I think if he were alive today, he would agree with us that we are in a special time of technology convergence where innovations and advancements are progressing at an accelerating rate. The fields of Tissue Engineering and Regenerat... Read More

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