We are always looking for ways to enable the commercialization of Cell-based Therapies and Technologies. The ultimate success of the field is dependent on the convergence of several technology fields, and one that isn't given sufficient attention is the Measurement Sciences (or metrology). The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a Biosystems and Biomaterials Divisionthat... Read More

Dear Stem Cell Pioneer:


February marks the one year anniversary of RoosterBio shipping our first stem cell products to our valued customers, and I personally am very excited for the coming year ahead. We look forward to delivering even more high quality stem cells to people like you that are doing amazing things.


Looking forward into 2015 and beyond, I want to make sure we are staying true to our...
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A"Golden Age" is defined as a period of time in a field where "great tasks are accomplished." The ancient Greek philosopher Hesiod initially coined this phrase, and I think if he were alive today, he would agree with us that we are in a special time of technology convergence where innovations and advancements are progressing at an accelerating rate. The fields of Tissue Engineering and Regenerat... Read More

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)aggregated into three-dimensional (3D) cellular spheroids are a potent configuration for cell therapy and tissue engineering research and product development (5), and cellular spheroids are a preferred format for many bioprinting applications (10). Cellular spheroids are essentially micro-tissues that can be manufactured as standardized “living materials” with certain...
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Last week was the 4th Annual IBC Cell Therapy Bioprocessing Conference. IBC (home of the BioProcess International conference) was the first conference organizer to dedicate a focused meeting on Cell Therapy Manufacturing Technologies 4 years ago. Since the first conference in 2011, the growth in the field, and the conference, has been amazing. The attendance has grown from less than 90 in year 1...
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Everyone at RoosterBio is extremely excited to be launching our company, shipping our first products, and interacting with tissue engineers, cell therapists, synthetic biologists, and our customers to learn about innovative research in these fields, share our knowledge, and contribute to the Cell and Tissue Engineering Revolution. The central theme behind RoosterBio, or what we call our “business... Read More