Top 10 Questions Received by RoosterBio Customer Support

Tom Rogers, Director, Global Customer Support and Amy Permenter, Technical Support Specialist

Answered by: Amy Permenter, Technical Support Specialist and Tom Rogers, Director, Global Customer Support

1. Do you have a sales representative in my state or country?
Yes! RoosterBio has four outstanding Regional Account Managers:

  • Tim Olsen – Northeast US, Eastern Canada, Europe and Israel
  • Katie Millar – Southeast US, MI, IN and OH
  • Josh Diesselhorst – Midwest US, including TX, and Central Canada
  • Maya Lim – Western US, Western Canada, Asia and Australia
RoosterBio has two talented Field Application Scientists (FAS), Xuan Xu and Joe Takacs, who can assist in the field with technical questions. John Getz is RoosterBio’s Government Account Manager and can assist with government-related questions. If you are unsure of who to contact, please contact Tom Rogers.

2. How do I request a quote for your products?
RoosterBio can provide a quote for any purchase. Contact your local Regional Account Manager or Customer Support at 240-831-4914.
3. I’m ready to make a purchase! What’s next?
Great! We have three different ways you can purchase our products:
  • Website –
  • Purchase Order – submit to your Regional Account Manager or Customer Support
  • Credit Card Purchase – submit a Credit Card Authorization Form (obtained from Customer Support) to your Regional Account Manager or Customer Support
4. How do you ship your products and how long does it take to arrive?
RoosterBio ships all over the world – 26 countries … and counting!
  • For local orders in Maryland, we use a courier service for same day delivery.
  • For US orders, we use FedEx overnight priority delivery. This is next day delivery and should arrive by 12:00pm.
  • For orders to Canada and Europe, we use FedEx and it usually takes 2-4 days depending on customs clearance.
  • For orders to Asia and Australia, we use FedEx and it usually takes 3-5 days depending on customs clearance. Note: we have used Expeditors and World Courier for some shipments to Asia.
5. What documentation is sent with the order?
  • For cell orders, you will receive an Expansion Protocol, QC Brief, Certificate of Analysis and Cell Product Insert.
  • For media orders, you will receive a Certificate of Analysis and the Media Product Insert.
  • For international customers, you will also receive a Material Safety Data Sheet for all products ordered. Depending on which country you are in, you could also receive a Certificate of Origin.

6. The products arrived! Now what do I do?

  • Place the cells in liquid nitrogen storage
  • For the RoosterNourish™ Media:
    • Store the RoosterBasal™ in 2-8°C refrigerator (protect it from light)
    • Store the RoosterBooster™ in -20°C freezer
  • Store the RoosterReplenish™ in -20°C freezer
  • Store the EV Boost™ in a 2-8°C refrigerator (protect it from light)
  • Store the RoosterCollect™ in a 2-8°C refrigerator (protect it from light)

7. I ordered my cells and media, but when my order arrived, I couldn’t find the cells. Help!

Do not worry! RoosterBio sometimes uses a nest configuration in one large box when shipping cells and media together. Inside the large box is the RoosterBasal™ on cold bricks, along with a smaller box. The smaller box is layered with dry ice, the RoosterBooster™ and the cell vial. Please make sure to remove the RoosterBooster™ and dig deeper into the box for the cell vial.
8. I’m ready to use the RoosterNourish™ Media Kit. What do I do? How long can I use the media?
Bring the Media Kit to room temperature. In a hood, pipet the 10mL RoosterBooster™ into the 500mL RoosterBasal™. Once combined, store the media at 2-8°C for 2 weeks, ensuring that it is protected from light.
9. Do I need to heat inactivate the media?
No, you do not.
10. Can I request a specific lot of cells?
Absolutely! RoosterBio has a donor grid that includes age, gender, population doubling level (PDL), differentiation and flow markers. Contact Customer Support for the donor grid.

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