ISEV 2022

Lyon, France

Join us at ISEV 2022 in Lyon, France where we’ll be paving the way for rapid extracellular vesicle production with our translation-friendly, scalable solutions designed to increase yields and minimize processing time. This is an opportunity to network and learn alongside a global community that strives to accelerate extracellular vesicle research. Schedule a meeting with our team to make sure you don’t miss out.

Learn About Our New Products & Services

Visit Booth #9 to register for a free sample vial of our newest product — purified hMSC-derived EVs. All booth visitors can also enter our raffle for a chance to win a YETI Cooler and RoosterBio T-shirt. You’ll also have the chance to join Club RegenMed and receive a free RoosterBio NFT.

Watch our ISEV symposia, Optimizing hMSC-EV Production for Translational Research, where we’ll be discussing how to:

  • Increase hMSC growth efficiency through 3D production platforms
  • Eliminate media exchanges associated with hMSC expansion
  • Clean-up EV collection by utilizing specialized low particulate media
  • Expand EV collection windows to increase EV yield per cell
  • Tailor EV Products with off-the-shelf analytics and custom process development

Learn more about what we’ve been working on in the lab by checking out our poster: Developing a Microcarrier Stirred Tank Process for Large-scale hMSC-EV Production.