The 2021 Cell Therapy Summit


RoosterBio is proud to join Sartorius and GEN as part of The Cell Therapy Summit.

Register in order to watch Jon Rowley, PhD, Founder and Chief Product Officer of RoosterBio, present his session Why hMSC Manufacturing Matters: Strategies to Accelerate hMSC Product and Process Development. Developing allogeneic cell therapy products with scalable manufacturing takes years of time and costs millions of dollars, with lengthy Process Development campaigns extending timelines. This presentation will highlight development pain points and address:

  • Strategies for shortening product/process development and clinical manufacturing timelines for hMSC-based products
  • Standardized scale-up bioreactor processes for hMSCs to 50L with comparability of quality parameters for streamlining product development efforts
  • Next generation approaches for hMSC-based extracellular vesicle and genetically engineered products