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Unlock Your MSCs and Gain Control of Your Clinical Pipeline with CliniControl Products

The CliniControl (CC) line of products are first-in-class and engineered specifically for clinical research process and product developers. CliniControl bone marrow-derived hMSCs and paired, highly-productive, bioprocess media systems are manufactured under cGMP and facilitate your regulatory process by significantly reducing time spent on investigational new drug (IND) submissions. CC products are comparable to our Development Grade (RUO) xeno-free products (designed for batch (2D) and fed-batch (3D) cultures with the capability to seamlessly translate between culture platforms), but adhere to more stringent quality regulations to set a new standard of industry-leading performance and scalability.

Deliver robust, reproducible and standardized results - laying the foundation for a commercially-viable process.

hMSC-based allogeneic and autologous therapeutic cell manufacturing will never be the same. 

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RoosterVial™-hBM-20M-CC (MSC-CC040)

RoosterNourish™-MSC-CC (KT-021)

CliniControl products are ready for each process step as you move from research to clinical translation.

RoosterBio products and efficiencies are engineered to scale with your growth.

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Radically shorten your research, optimization, and product development timelines. Reshape your hMSC workflow to speed your path to clinical translation. Learn more about clinical translation of hMSCs.

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RoosterBio CliniControl products are for further manufacturing use only. For more detailed product-specific intended use statements, see individual product pages or reference supporting Quality documentation.

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