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RoosterBio CliniControl™ bioprocess media is Xeno-free (XF), manufactured under cGMP, and backed by quality documentation to facilitate your regulatory process. Engineered for translational scientists and process and product developers moving towards or currently engaged in phases of clinical research, this highly productive media enables allogeneic and autologous scalable hMSC culture that is robust, reproducible, and standardized.

RoosterNourish™-MSC-CC RoosterNourish-MSC-CC yields sustained superior cell expansion when coupled with hMSCs, as compared to conventional hMSC culture media, providing our customers with commercially-relevant starting materials that generate efficiencies never seen before in adult stem cell manufacturing.

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Drastically reduce your research, optimization, and product development timelines. Reshape your hMSC workflow to speed your path to clinical translation. Learn more about clinical translation of hMSCs

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Intended Use

RoosterBio CliniControl products are for further manufacturing use only and not for direct use in humans.

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