Our Customers - RoosterBio Inc

Our Customers

Our customers are scientists, technologists, engineers and doctors who are working passionately and feverishly to bring cell-based products to patients. They are leaders in the fields of Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy, Biomanufacturing, and 3D Bioprinting, and represent the key stakeholders in these arenas, from government-mandated agencies, to big pharmaceutical companies, to academicians at the cutting edge of research.


  • Industry
    Our customers include large pharmaceutical companies and small start-ups looking to commercialize cell-based therapies
  • Regenerative Medicine Accelerators
    Our customers include government-mandated centers dedicated to advancing regenerative medicine and the commercialization of cell therapies
  • Translational Centers
    We work with leading translation centers focused on rapidly advancing cell and cell-based therapies to the clinic
  • Government Agencies
    Our customers include government-mandated agencies and centers, in the US and abroad, who are conducting internal research and charged with accelerating regenerative medicine in their respective countries
  • Academia
    Our academic customers come from dozens of leading institutions Worldwide and are performing cutting-edge R&D and process and product development


  • Tissue Engineering
    Our customers are working to engineer bone, cartilage, muscle, tendon, nerve, kidney and blood vessels, among other organs and tissues
  • Regenerative Medicine
    Our customers are harnessing the RoosterBio hMSC secretome for tissue repair and regeneration
  • Cell Therapy
    Our customers are using RoosterBio hMSCs for organ repair and regeneration, to treat stroke, traumatic brain injury, and ischemia, and to modulate the immune system, to name a few areas of focus
  • Bioprinting
    Our customers are using RoosterBio hMSCs as the cellular component of bioink to print constructs for tissue repair and regeneration and drug screening applications
  • Bioreactor Scale-Up
    Our customers are designing and optimizing bioreactors for adherent and non-adherent culture of adult stem cells for cell therapy and tissue engineering applications
  • Downstream processing
    Our customers are using RoosterBio hMSCs to design and optimize downstream processing methodologies for cell therapy manufacturing
  • Media Formulation
    Our customers are using RoosterBio hMSCs to formulate next-generation serum- and xeno-free media for clinical hMSC manufacturing
  • Drug discovery and screening
    Our customers are using RoosterBio hMSCs to develop and screen novel drugs in several therapeutic arenas
  • Potency Assays
    Our customers are working to develop standardized, reproducible potency assays for hMSC and hMSC cell-based products for cell therapy manufacturing
  • Exosomes
    Our customers are benefitting from our high volume hMSC systems and harnessing hMSC exosomes for tissue repair and regeneration applications