Jon A. Rowley, PHD

Founder and Chief Product Officer

Dr. Jon A. Rowley is the Founder and Chief Technical Officer of RoosterBio Inc. Jon started RoosterBio in 2013 as part of his personal quest of having the biggest impact possible on the commercial translation of technologies that incorporate living cells, including cellular therapies, engineered tissues, and tomorrow’s medical devices. Jon holds a PhD from the University of Michigan in Biomedical Engineering and has authored over 30 peer reviewed manuscripts and 20 issued or pending patents related to biomaterials development, tissue engineering, and cellular therapy. Jon started his industry career at BD as a scientist and R&D manager in a Cell & Tissue Technologies group focused on applying high throughput screening technologies to cell therapy media development and tissue engineering. Jon then contributed to the clinical development of Aastrom Biosciences’ Tissue Repair Cell product, where he was Sr Manager of Process Development responsible for manufacturing process improvements and cell delivery to the patient. Jon most recently spent 5 years as Director of Innovation and Process Development in Lonza’s Cell Therapy CMO business.

Jon has had a successful scientific career at the intersection of Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials Science, Stem Cell Science, and the translation of cell-based technologies into commercializable products. His last 10 years has been focusing on applying Manufacturing Sciences to cellular therapies and engineered tissues, where scale-up biomanufacturing technologies had to be applied to stem cells to manufacture at volumes consistent with commercial scale while not losing the critical biological functions that make stem cells therapeutically active. Jon is considered a thought leader in the Regenerative Medicine field has been very active in sharing his research, and thoughts on technology direction and roadmaps. He has championed solution-focused R&D aimed at solving the industry’s biggest challenges, including driving the cost of therapeutic cells down to increase the chance of building a sustainable industry. Jon has keynoted every major Cell Therapy Manufacturing conference over the last 5 years, has over 15 publications in the last 10 years, as well as over 75 conference presentations since 2005. Jon continues his quest at his start-up, RoosterBio, where he and his team are working to simplify adult stem cell technology to increase adoption of new biomanufacturing technologies such as 3D bioprinting, and accelerate the development of tomorrow’s next generation high tech regenerative medicine products.

Jon currently resides in Walkersville, MD with his wonderful wife and their 3 young children.