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RoosterBio MSCs and Media System FAQs

Why do you talk about population doubling levels and not passages?

Given their definition as the plastic-adherent fraction of the bone marrow, and their need to be expanded ex vivo prior to therapeutic administration, MSC age has often been associated with and reported as a function of passage level, or the number of times these cells have been plated and harvested from tissue culture plastic. True MSC age, however, is actually related to when these cells will senesce (i.e. stop growing), and this is a function of how many times the cells have divided, or their population doubling level (PDL).

There’s great variability in seeding and harvesting densities from one lab to another, from one MSC source to another. Thus, passage level alone, at the end of the day, tells us nothing about the age of the MSCs we’re using. We, as a community, need to adopt more standardized means of accounting for our cell culture practices and what that really means in terms of MSC age and function, and reporting PDL is one means of accomplishing this. This is why RoosterBio provides exact PDL data with each lot of our MSCs.

Please take a look at the following blog posts about PDL vs. passage number, and feel free to email us if you’d like to discuss this in more detail. We love a good scientific conversation!

You can also email us at info[at] for a free PDL calculation worksheet.

What is your secret for getting 100 million MSCs from a single vial of 10 million MSCs in 4-5 days without a media change?!

The secret is in our highly-engineered media systems which are optimized for MSC maintenance and expansion. One of our QC release criteria is 10x expansion, so we stand by our expansion claims.

This is a big difference from what I am getting now. Do you guarantee I will get these results?

Yes, and we will replace your cells at no charge if you do not get these results when you follow our expansion protocol.

Is there a way I can try your cells and expansion system on a small scale?

Yes, we offer an MSC RoosterKit. With your RoosterKit, you will receive a vial of 1 million hMSCs and 1 High Performance Media Kit for just $600. This is an affordable way to test our cell expansion claim and try our cells in your experimental system! One (1) vial of 1M cells is guaranteed to generate 8-10M cells within a week of culture, and in just one T-225 or three T-75 flasks.

Do you use the same MSCs in your high-volume system as you use in the RoosterKit?

Yes. Our RoosterKit lots match our high volume cell lots, so you can use this as a means to screen numerous donors before investing in large volume MSC orders. You can also economically screen multiple donors with our Donor Screening Kit.

Is your High Performance Media Kit serum- and xeno-free?

We now offer both serum-containing and xeno-free media formulations. Our proprietary Media Booster GTX contains a very low level of fetal bovine serum. Our Media Booster XFM is xeno-free.

I keep hearing about your Donor Grid. What is this?

Our industry-leading Donor Grid displays all of our QC and functional data on each lot of our MSCs in a quick-reference table. This allows our customers to compare and contrast various MSC lots and find the lot that is best suited for their application. Thus, we allow our customers to make informed choices with each investment in MSCs.

What is unique about your QC data? Why does it matter?

Unlike our competitors, we provide a host of functional data with each of our MSC lots. Each lot of cells comes with an Industry-leading Certificate of Analysis as well as a unique QC brief that provide data on MSC immunomodulatory potential (i.e. IDO fold-induction with IFN-gamma challenge) and angiogenic cytokine secretion levels (pg/cell/day). This functional data allows our customers to make informed decisions on which MSC lots are best-suited for the therapeutic indication(s) they are interested in and to request those lots specifically. Additionally, we generate a Master Cell Bank from each donor so that we can, for a very long period of time, provide our customers cells from the same donor they've had success with previously.

Please email us at info[at] if you’d like a copy of our Donor Grid.

Do your cells differentiate to cartilage?

Yes. We have cartilage differentiation data to help you choose a specific lot of cells. If interested in these results, please email us at info[at]

How can I cryopreserve your cells?

RoosterBio MSCs are frozen in BioLife Solutions CryoStor5 Freeze Media. This is the most robust and reproducible solution for cryo-storage and it is compatible for human translation. We recommend use of this cryomedium for cell storage.

Do you do custom orders for cells and media?

Email us at info[at] to ask about custom vialing and large volume pricing.