MSC Products and Services

Products that Address Key Market Needs

RoosterBio’s translation-friendly products are high volume, affordable, and well-characterized adult human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) paired with highly engineered media. Our customers spend newly found time and money performing more high-value experiments, accelerating the road to discovery in Regenerative Medicine.

We actively listen to our customers and have been quick-to-market with product formats and platforms in response to specific market needs. Have an hMSC product or format that could accelerate your road to discovery and path to the clinic? We’d love to hear about it. Contact RoosterBio.

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Industry-Leading Technical Support

The RoosterBio team has years of experience in stem cell R&D, cell therapeutic product and process development, and manufacturing operations. We stay abreast of step-changes in technology on topics like stem cell therapies, engineered tissues and organs, biological robots, manufacturing technologies, and synthetic biology, and we share this knowledge with our customers and collaborators to advance their projects. Whether it’s helping you choose the right product for your R&D needs, helping you with your experimental design and processes, or helping to troubleshoot your specific application; we provide unparalleled technical support, and our scientists and engineers are always just an email or phone call away.

How RoosterBio MSCs Work - Sample Process
Click here to see a sample process flow diagram that we developed to help customers achieve a range of cell numbers for their specific applications

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

We work on grant-funded and commercially-funded collaborations to advance our mission with like-minded researchers and organizations. We share the outputs of these endeavors with those we collaborate with and take great care to protect any IP that we handle and/or create, individually and jointly. Click here to see with whom we’re working.

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