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Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing

What Are MSCs?

MSCs are the single most used cell type in all of regenerative medicine. MSCs are traditionally known to differentiate into a variety of cell types including: osteoblasts (bone cells), chondrocytes (cartilage cells), myocytes (muscle cells) and adipocytes (fat cells). MSCs more recently have been shown to be capable of evading the immune system due to lacking MHC Class II antigens, and they can also modulate the immune system and inflammatory cascades, thus enabling tissues and organs to regenerate, as well as suppress immune-related diseases.

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How Are They Used?

Currently, cells are frozen back in small quantities and sold as research reagents. Scientists purchase small volumes of cells and spend weeks to months expanding them in culture until they have sufficient cells to begin an experiment. More time is spent creating cell banks in hopes of experimental reproducibility.

RoosterBio is Disrupting This Model

We supply cells in much larger volumes so scientists can get to their experiments much faster, if not immediately. Our cells are also affordable, allowing researchers to purchase multi-vial cell banks to ensure consistent results across experiments. Customers benefit from our stem cell manufacturing expertise, and benefit from our economies of scale and thoroughly characterized stem cell products.

The Future of MSCs

Human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) are a critical raw material for many regenerative medicine products, including cell-based therapies, engineered tissues, or combination products, and are on the brink of radically changing how the world of medicine operates.

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The Advantages of RoosterBio hMSC Systems

Increase lab speed and agility

Whether you need to quickly obtain data for an FDA filing, for a presentation, or to address a manuscript reviewer's questions, you can quickly get the cells needed to begin your studies. Rapid experimental turn-around is the name of the game in the fast paced scientific world of stem/stromal cells.

Benefit from RoosterBio’s economies of scale

RoosterBio uses large scale manufacturing technologies used in today’s Therapeutic Cell Manufacturing Industry, and is able to produce high volumes of phenotypically consistent cells that are characterized for a multitude of parameters using multiplexed assays. More cells, more analytics, better quality at thaw, at a fraction of the cost of the traditional MSC providers.

Gain control over your experimental schedule; always have enough cells

The consistent growth rates of RoosterBio hMSCs allows you to plan when you want to start your experiment, and allows you to break free from slow and inconsistently expanding cells. Thaw a vial on Thursday and start your experiment on Monday – and don’t worry about your cells over the weekend.

More cell experiments with the same equipment & space

Expanding cells for experiments takes up time, requires high volumes of expensive media, and introduces risk of contamination with every media exchange. More importantly, this task consumes valuable incubator, hood and refrigerator space that could be used for running controlled experiments. Get more data out of your lab equipment by minimizing routine cell expansion with our hyper-efficient hMSC expansion systems.

Collaborators and consortiums can easily use the same starting cell source

We collaborate with funded consortiums and have the ability to dedicate several manufacturing lots across multiple donors so that a project can have consistent cellular starting materials. Our lot sizes are sufficiently large that several groups can work off of the same manufacturing lots of cells, bringing consistency and standardization to broad collaborations.

Quickly translate into the clinic

RoosterBio cells are made with cGMP compatible raw materials and manufacturing processes, and will greatly reduce the time and expense it takes to translate into first-in-man studies. If you are marching towards translation, let our knowledgable professionals help you navigate the path to the clinic.

CliniControl Products

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How RoosterBio MSCs Work

We developed a sample process flow diagram to help customers achieve a range of cell numbers for their specific applications.

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