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Bioreactor Development Kit (KT-051)

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Multi-Bioreactor Run Kit

The Bioreactor Development Kit is designed for process development and optimization studies and consists of four (4) of each individual single use component (i.e. cells, media, microcarriers and bioreactor vessel) found in the Bioreactor Starter Kit. Additional bioreactor base units to drive the PBS vertical-wheel bioreactors will need to be purchased separately. Contact Priya, priya [at] for information and to place an order for individual items.

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    • 4 RoosterVial-hBM-1M (4 x 1 million hBM-MSCs, MSC-003)
      • 4 hMSC High Performance Media Kits (4 x 500 mL, KT-001)
        • 4 RoosterReplenish-MSC (4 x 10 mL, SU-015)
          • 4 vials Pall/SoloHill Microcarriers (4 x 10g, CM-001)
            • 4 PBS 0.5 disposable vessels (500 mL each)