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Bioreactor Scale-Up Kit (KT-052)

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The Scale-Up Kit is designed for scale-up process development into the PBS Biotech 3L bioreactor, while maintaining consistent population doubling level of the final hMSC population. The kit consists of a vial of 10M RoosterBio hMSCs, sufficient media to generate the seed stock and perform a 3L fed-batch expansion, microcarriers and a 3L bioreactor vessel. A PBS Biotech bioreactor controller is required for the scale-up kit. Contact Priya, priya [at] for information and to place an order for individual items.

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    • 1 RoosterVial-hBM-10M (10 million hBM-MSCs, MSC-001)
    • 7 hMSC High Performance Media Kits (7 x 500 mL, KT-001)
    • 6 RoosterReplenish-MSC (6 x 10 mL, SU-015)
    • 6 vials Pall/SoloHill Microcarriers (6 x 10g, CM-001)
    • 1 PBS 3L disposable vessel