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Bioreactor Starter Kit (KT-050)

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Single Bioreactor Run Kit

The Bioreactor Start Up Kit includes RoosterBio’s hMSCs and media kits combined with PBS Biotech’s MINI bioreactor and 0.5 liter expansion vessel. A step by step protocol is included to ensure scientists with little to no experience in bioreactor cell culture can effortlessly generate > 100 million hMSCs within 10 days in the compact, low shear bioreactor system. Contact Priya, priya [at] for information and to place an order for individual items.

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  • 1 RoosterVial-hBM-1M (1 million hBM-MSCs, MSC-003)
  • 1 hMSC High Performance Media Kit (500 mL, KT-001)
  • 1 RoosterReplenish-MSC (10 mL, SU-015)
  • 1 vial Pall/SoloHill Microcarriers (10g, CM-001)
  • 1 PBS 0.5 disposable vessel (500 mL)
  • 1 PBS MINI base unit