Cellular BioInk Ready-to-Print Kit

    • SKU/Catalog No: KT-033
    • Components: MSC-006; SU-005/SU-022; SU-003
    • Unit Size: 2 x RoosterRTPTM-hBM-50M (RoosterBio Cat. No. MSC-006) + 1 RoosterNourishTM-MSC (RoosterBio Cat. No. KT-001) + 10mL CELLINK + 1 CELLMIXER
    • Price: $5,540.00
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    The Cellular BioInk Ready-to-Print Kit contains 500 mL of RoosterNourish™-MSC, 2 x RoosterRTP™-hBM-50M (MSC-006), 10 mL of CELLINK and 1 CELLMIXER. RoosterNourish™-MSC* is our high-productivity, bioprocess medium for the rapid expansion of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSC) from multiple tissue sources. RoosterRTP™-hBM-50M are Ready-to-Print and expanded using controlled manufacturing processes from a Master Cell bank for 4 passages to a PDL of 15-18, and then harvested, formulated, filled in a 5.0mL vial, and cryopreserved. These cells maintain the critical MSC quality attributes at late-passage of the parental cell lot. These hBM-MSCs are ready-to-use and are not meant for further expansion.

    The Cellular BioInk Ready-to-Print Kit is designed for same day bioprinting – simply thaw, mix, and print large tissue engineered constructs with high quality hMSCs and cell friendly biomaterials that retain structural integrity post-printing.

    Print living tissues without culturing cells.

    * RoosterNourish™-MSC contains recombinant growth factors, high-quality small molecules and low levels of quality bovine serum

    Product Features

    • Cellular BioInk Ready-to-Print Kit: 2 x RoosterRTP™-hBM-50M (MSC-006), 500 mL of RoosterNourish™-MSC*, 10 ml of CELLINK and 1 CELLMIXER
    • RoosterRTP™-hBM-50M contains 50M late-passage (PDL 15-17) cryopreserved hBM-MSCs, not intended for further subculturing and banking
    • Print constructs with 50-100M hBM-MSCs without cell culture
    • Designed for same day bioprinting –thaw, mix, bioprint, and crosslink
    • Living MSC bioink compatible with commercially-available bioprinters

    Bioprinter not included
    Intended Use:  Research Use Only

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