EV Boost™ (S2001)

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Collection Boost for Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)

Boost your EV collection. Seamlessly transition from rapid cell expansion and find the Boost concentration that’s right for you.

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  • 30 mL extracellular vesicle (EV) collection boost reagent
  • Xeno-free, protein-free, and chemically defined
  • Supports a dynamic workflow that is tunable per application
  • Stimulates cells to increase EV productivity
  • Boost Zone™ can increase particle collection by up to 5X
  • For streamlined, scalable hMSC-based EV production. Collection boost scales with your system.
  • Intended Use: Research Use Only
  • Radically increases efficiencies and EV productivity
  • Shortens processing times - removing days from a total EV process
  • Used in EV, secreted protein, and conditioned medium applications

    EV Boost™ is an optional component of RoosterBio EV Production – a bioprocess engine for rapid EV production.  Each bottle of EV Boost was engineered to support RoosterBio’s scalable and translation-friendly Development Grade xeno-free (XF) product portfolio, including high volume hMSCs and bioprocess media. This reagent is to be used directly with RoosterCollect™-EV (low-particulate collection medium).

    Contact us at info@roosterbio.com for process recommendations to boost EV yields.

    Type: Media