RoosterNourish™-MSC 3L (KT-018)

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RoosterNourish™-MSC - 3L

RoosterNourish high performance media (catalog KT-001 in bottles) is available in single use (SU) disposable bags engineered to be compatible with all major cell therapy/ bioprocessing culture systems, including multi-layer vessels and suspension bioreactors. SU bags can be sterilely welded or aseptically connected via quick connects for liquid transfer. The RoosterNourish Media Kit (KT-018) can be used for hMSC expansion in 2D cultures or 3D bioreactor cultures. This system provides an off-the-shelf universal bagged media solution for closed system hMSC production, saving months of Development time for custom bags. In addition, this bagged media streamlines workflow and reduces time required for operating scalable cell culture systems by reducing the number of in-process media preparation steps and by eliminating the need to transfer media from bottles to bags for closed system hMSC expansion.

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Type: Media