QuickShip™ Exosomes

hMSC-derived Extracellular Vesicles



QuickShip Exosomes are “made-to-order” hMSC-derived extracellular vesicles (hMSC-EVs) manufactured in xeno-free conditions using RoosterBio’s optimized extracellular vesicle production platform. You select the quantity of EVs required, tissue source, manufacturing platform, level of downstream processing, and filling concentration, and RoosterBio will make EVs meeting your specifications. QuickShip Exosomes are produced at scales ranging from 1E10 to 1E15 EVs and are analyzed for concentration, purity, and tetraspanin surface markers (CD9, CD63, CD81), with the option to choose additional characterization from our EV analytics portfolio.

QuickShip Exosomes leverage our advanced equipment capabilities and expertise so you can conduct experiments instead of designing processes to manufacture EVs.


RoosterBio’s optimized extracellular vesicle production platform offers QuickShip Exosome capabilities and/or consistent raw materials for your own industrial-scale EV production

Product Features

  • QuickShip Xeno-free human adipose-, bone marrow-, and umbilical cord-derived hMSC-EVs
  • Multiple donors available
  • Manufactured using RoosterBio’s optimized EV production platform
  • Produced in 2D multi-layer vessels or 3D bioreactor manufacturing systems
  • Production of up to 1E15 hMSC-EVs per batch
  • Choose from conditioned media, clarified media (with depth filtration), concentrated particles (with depth filtration and TFF), and purified EVs (with depth filtration, two rounds of TFF, and chromatography)
  • Fill / Finish options: storage buffer, concentration, vial size, vial fill volume
  • Analyzed for concentration, purity, and tetraspanin surface markers (CD9, CD63, CD81)
  • Intended Use: Research Use Only


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