• SKU/Catalog No: MSC-023
  • Components: MSC-020
  • Unit Size: 5 or 10 vials of 10 million cryopreserved cells (RoosterBio® Part No. MSC-020)
  • Number of Vials: 5 vials | 10 vials
  • Price: $5,665.00$10,763.50
A standardized cellular material and supply to run a developed process repeatedly


The RoosterBank™-hAD-10M (MSC-023) contains 5 or 10 vials of 10M cryopreserved hAD-MSCs from the same donor (RoosterVial™-hAD-10M, Part No. MSC-020). RoosterBank™ allows for consistent starting material across multiple process runs and eliminates the cost and time associated with cell banking, thus, accelerating the experimental and process timeline. RoosterVial™-hAD-10M are Human Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (hAD-MSCs) isolated from subcutaneous adipose tissue. This high-volume format contains ≥ 10M cryopreserved hMSCs per vial guaranteed to generate >100M cells within 7 days when paired with our RoosterNourish™-MSC* bioprocess medium. All RoosterBio hAD-MSCs meet the ISCT minimal criteria for defining MSCs including surface protein expression and tri-lineage differentiation potential. The product vial undergoes stringent safety and sterility testing and is backed by a lot specific CoA. Additionally, RoosterVial™-hAD-10M has industry-leading functional characterization, including immunomodulatory potential and angiogenic cytokine secretion profiling included in the accompanying QC Brief and detailed per lot, to ensure standardized, consistent cellular starting materials across multiple experiments.

Designed to drive consistency between runs and accelerate the experimental timeline, RoosterBank™-hAD-10M will “Radically Simplify” your Research and Product Development. This product has supported and accelerated top research and publications worldwide.

* RoosterNourish™-MSC contains recombinant growth factors, high-quality small molecules and low levels of quality bovine serum

Product Features

  • 10M cryopreserved cell per vial
  • > 100M cells within 7 days (and 1B cells within 2 weeks) when cultured with RoosterNourish-MSC
  • Minimize experimental variability and standardize your experimental workflow with our rigorously QC’d MSCs
  • Run experiments with MSCs from the same donor lot and at a consistent PDL

Intended Use: Research Use Only

RoosterVial™-hAD-10M (MSC-020) cultured in RoosterNourish™-MSC (KT-001) have a fibroblastic cell morphology (left) and express hMSC cell surface markers (right).
Immunomodulatory activity (left, IDO activity increase in response to IFNy) and angiogenic cytokine secretion of a representative RoosterVial™-hAD-10M (MSC-020) lot (right).
Trilineage differentiation of RoosterVial™-hAD-10M (MSC-020) of a representative MSC-020 lot. Adipogenesis, left; Osteogenesis, middle; Chondrogenesis, right.
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