hAD-1M (MSC-022)">

RoosterBank™-hAD-1M (MSC-022)

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  • Cryopreserved human adipose-derived MSCs
  • Minimize experimental variability and standardize your experimental workflow with our rigorously QC'd MSCs
  • Always run experiments with MSCs from the same donor lot and at a consistent PDL
  • Let us make your cell bank for you, saving you time and money
  • Each RoosterBank™ comes with 5 or 10 vials of 1 million hAD-MSCs (MSC-021, PDL 6-9)
  • Each RoosterBank™ vial is guaranteed to yield 8-10 million cells within one week

Custom cell banks can be generated upon request.  Please contact us to request more information on this.

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