Complete Genetic Engineering Medium for Transduction

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Engineered from the ground up for simplified, highly efficient primary cell transduction.


Engineered from the ground up, RoosterGEM was built to radically increase transduction efficiency as part of a simplified, efficient, and economical hMSC-genetic engineering platform.

Traditionally, genetic modification of primary cells has low efficiency of transfer requiring increased MOI and viral agent costs, with significant time and resources allocated to media and process optimization.  RoosterGEM is a highly efficient Complete Genetic Engineering Medium, formulated to increase transduction efficiency and reduce viral agent MOI and associated costs in one simplified, off-the-shelf medium.

When paired with RoosterBio’s industrialized supply chain of high-volume Xeno-free hMSCs, ultra-productive expansion media, and cGMP-compatible processes – you enlist an end-to-end Genetic Engineering MSC-platform to streamline your transient or integrated gene transfer, de-risk your product & process development, and streamline your path to clinical translation.

Product Features

  • 200 mL RoosterGEM™ [part no. M40200]  medium.
  • Complete. Xeno-free. Chemically defined.
  • 200 standard transduction reactions.
  • For up to 4-fold increase in transduction efficiency.
  • Enables reduced MOI leading to significant reduction in viral vector associated costs.
  • Supported by simplified protocols to streamline process optimization.
  • Contact RoosterBio for more information on scalable 2D or 3D bioreactor genetically modified cell bank process development

*To maximize final product yield contact RoosterBio for information on lo PDL cell banks.

Lentiviral transduction efficiency at Low MOI (rLV.EF1.ZsGreen1-9, MOI=2) was increased by 3 to 5-fold compared to traditional serum and xeno-free media systems. This reduction in MOI dramatically reduced lentiviral associated costs.
Increased transduction efficiencies were achieved in RoosterBio's Xeno-free RoosterVial hMSCs from multiple donors and tissue sources.
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