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Xeno-Free Human Umbilical Cord-Derived MSCs and Media System

A plug-and-play kit designed to rapidly test high quality human umbilical cord MSCs in product development and translationally focused research.
  • Cryopreserved | Xeno-Free | Human Umbilical Cord-derived MSCs
  • 1M cells (C43001UC) and 1 RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF (KT-016) – 500 mL
  • Reach > 20 fold expansion in 4 to 5 days 
  • Supported by 1st-in-class MSC identity and functional characterization
  • Simple to implement using supplied, easy-to-follow expansion protocols
  • Intended Use: Research Use Only

The RoosterKit™-hUC-1M-XF contains 1 vial of 1M cryopreserved hUC-MSCs (C43001UC, RoosterVial™-hUC-1M-XF), 1 RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF (KT-016) bioprocess media kit, and expansion protocol to rapidly generate up to 500M cells in 10 days, giving added confidence in quality, reproducibility, and ease of integration of while “Radically Simplifying” your hUC-MSC product development.

RoosterBio’s xeno-free hUC-MSCs, isolated from the perivascular Wharton’s Jelly region of the human umbilical cord and manufactured with cGMP compatible processes, contain >1M viable xeno-free hMSCs from a single healthy donor at a population doubling level of 15 to 18. Each produced lot comes with RoosterBio’s first-in-class testing and characterization of hUC-MSC key quality attributes (identity and expansion potential) as well as functional profile (cytokine secretion, trilineage differentiation, and immunomodulation).

RoosterVial-hUC-XF manufactured and sold by RoosterBio, INC and supported by licensed technology from Tissue Regeneration Therapeutics Inc. (TRT) core technology and patent family: US 8,790,923; US 8,278,102; US 7,547,546; US 9,611,456; US 9,611,456; US 8,481,311; US 9,611,456. Access fees and license opportunities may apply.

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