A cGMP bioprocess medium to support allogeneic and autologous therapeutic cell manufacturing.

    • SKU/Catalog No: KT-021
    • Components: SU-019; SU-022
    • Unit Size: 500mL bottle of RoosterBasal™-MSC-CC and 10mL bottle of RoosterBooster™-MSC-CC
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    High productivity and seamless 2D to 3D culture. This medium was designed for allogeneic and autologous manufacturing processes.


    RoosterNourish™-MSC-CC is a xeno-free (XF), GMP bioprocess medium designed to eliminate media exchanges during rapid expansion of human MSCs for clinical allogeneic and autologous therapeutic cell manufacturing. This medium supports in vitro expansion of hMSCs in a 2D batch process or in a 3D bioreactor fed-batch process with our prcRoosterReplenish™-MSC-CC bioreactor feed.

    CliniControl™ bioprocess media are manufactured with methods and controls that conform with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are supported for use as an ancillary material by a Type II Master File on file with the FDA. Time spent on investigational new drug (IND) submissions is significantly reduced by facilitating CMC documentation.

    RoosterNourish™-MSC-CC has unparalleled productivity (Millions of cells produced per Liters of media consumed) compared to other MSC media on the market. Used alongside our CC RoosterVial™-MSC and following RoosterBio® protocols, we guarantee 10X hMSC expansion within 4-6 days.

    Product Features

    • Manufactured under cGMP, 500 mL RoosterBasal™-MSC-CC and 10 mL RoosterBooster™-MSC-CC
    • High-performance xeno-free (XF) hMSC expansion media for batch and fed-batch culture systems (when using prcRoosterReplenish-MSC-CC)
    • No media exchanges required
    • No surface coatings required when using Corning CellBind™ surfaces
    • > 10 fold expansion within 4-6 days of culture when used with our RoosterVial™ CC and provided processes
    • Available in custom high-volume bagged and irradiated ‘Pathogen Reduced’ (prc) formats
    • Supported by US FDA Type II Master Files – available for cross reference

    Intended Use: For Further Manufacturing Use Only. Not intended for diagnostic use or as an excipient for direct human or veterinary therapeutic use.

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