Traditional bioprocess medium for the expansion of hMSCs

  • SKU/Catalog No: KT-001
  • Components: SU-005/SU-022; SU-003
  • Unit Size: 500mL bottle of RoosterBasal™-MSC and 10mL bottle of RoosterBooster™-MSC
  • Price: $315.00
Engineered to achieve unparalleled productivity so MSC researchers can fixate on their applications.
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RoosterNourish™- MSC is an affordable, highly-productive traditional bioprocess medium for the rapid expansion of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) from multiple tissue sources.  This complete media system supports in vitro expansion of hMSCs in a 2D batch process.  Used alongside our RoosterVial™-MSCs and following RoosterBio® protocols, we guarantee 10X hMSC expansion in less than a week with ensured batch to batch consistency.

This medium has been used to generate high volumes of hMSC critical raw materials in over 25 countries and has supported top adult stem/stromal cell and regenerative medicine researchers and publications.

Intended Use: Research Use Only

*This medium is not suited for hMSC differentiation.


Product Features

  • 500 mL RoosterBasal™-MSC and 10 mL RoosterBooster™-MSC
  • High-performance traditional media system
  • A batch culture system for increased media productivity, enabling reduced media costs to generate higher cell yields
  • >10 fold hMSC expansion within 7 days of culture with RoosterVial™-MSCs and provided processes
  • Contains recombinant growth factors, high-quality small molecules and low levels of quality bovine serum
Figure 1: RoosterNourish™-MSC (KT-001) paired with RoosterBio hBM-MSCs (RoosterVial™-hBM-10M, MSC-001) outperforms leading industry serum-free products and significantly decreases time and cost associated with hMSC manufacturing.
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