Ready-to-Print Human Bone Marrow-Derived MSCs

  • SKU/Catalog No: MSC-006
  • Components: MSC-006
  • Unit Size: 50 million cryopreserved cells
  • Price: $1,980.00
Designed for same-day experiments.
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Ready-to-print and ready-to-seed into your biofabrication application. RoosterRTP™-hBM-50M are late passage hBM-MSCs intended to be thawed and used in a research setting – getting you right to product development. They are not intended to be further expanded or banked. RoosterRTP-hBM-50M are expanded using controlled manufacturing processes from a Master Cell Bank for 4 passages to a PDL of 15-17, and then harvested, formulated, filled, and cryopreserved. These cells maintain the critical MSC quality attributes at late-passage of the parental cell lot (cell surface marker expression, trilineage differentiation, immunomodulatory potential (IDO assay), and angiogenic cytokine secretion). This ready-to-use material enables product developers and researchers to forgo the cell manufacturing process, skipping cell culture altogether.

Product Features

  • 50 million late-passage (PDL 15-17) cryopreserved hBM-MSCs
  • No culture required.  Not intended for further subculturing and banking.
  • Readily study biomaterial and biofabrication effects on tri-lineage differentiation, cytokine secretion profile, and inducible immunomodulatory function
  • Industry-leading functional characterization
  • Preserved critical MSC quality attributes at late-passage
  • Comparable to parent lot
  • Manufactured with scalable processes & cryopreserved using standard, controlled processes
  • Lots released based on viability, plating efficiency, and sterility

Intended Use: Research Use Only

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