Human Bone-Marrow Derived MSCs

  • SKU/Catalog No: MSC-001
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  • Unit Size: 1 x 10M cryopreserved cells
  • Price: $1,219.00
Designed so that your research is not limited by number of cells.


RoosterVial™-hBM-10M are Human Bone-Marrow Derived Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (hBM-MSCs) isolated from normal healthy adult donors. This novel high-volume format contains ≥ 10M cryopreserved hMSCs guaranteed to generate >100M cells within 7 days when paired with our RoosterNourish™-MSC* bioprocess medium. All RoosterBio hBM-MSCs meet the ISCT minimal criteria for defining MSCs including surface protein expression and tri-lineage differentiation. The product vial undergoes stringent safety and sterility testing and is backed by a lot specific CofA. Additionally, RoosterVial™-hBM-10M has industry-leading functional characterization, including immunomodulatory potential (IDO assay) and angiogenic cytokine secretion profiling included in the accompanying QC Brief and detailed per lot. This critical raw material has supported and accelerated top research and publications in over 25 countries.

Designed for scale-up and supported by our cell expansion processes, RoosterVial™-hBM-10M can efficiently get you to billions of hMSCs to radically simplify your research and product development.

* RoosterNourish™-MSC contains recombinant growth factors, high-quality small molecules and low levels of quality bovine serum.

Product Features

  • 10M cryopreserved cells per vial
  • Industry-leading functional characterization
  • Manufactured with scalable processes & cryopreserved using standard, controlled processes
  • Lots released based on hMSC identity, expansion, viability, plating efficiency, and sterility
  • Guaranteed to generate 100M cells within 7 days when cultured with RoosterNourish™-MSC

Intended Use: Research Use Only

RoosterVial™-hBM-10M (MSC-001) cultured in RoosterNourish™-MSC (KT-001) have a fibroblastic cell morphology (left) and express hMSC cell surface markers (right).
Immunomodulatory activity (left, IDO activity increase in response to IFNy) and angiogenic cytokine secretion of a representative RoosterVial™-hBM-10M (MSC-001) lot (right).
Trilineage differentiation of RoosterVial™-hBM-10M (MSC-001) of a representative MSC-001 lot. Adipogenesis, left; Osteogenesis, middle; Chondrogenesis, right.
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RoosterFile™ Docs

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What Our Customers Are Saying
Rooster hMSCs cut down on our process development requirements and allow meaningful comparison of bioprocess technology performance without the concerns an inconsistent cell input brings. It is always nice when a product or service delivers on it's promise, as it allows us to do the same for our clients.
Dr Andrew Picken
Jan 23, 2018
We have purchased a vial of RoosterVial™-hBM-10M (MSC-001) and the results we obtained were astonishing! From one vial with approx. 8 million viable cells we reached 200 million cells within 4-5 days in culture. This was achieved with RoosterBio's proprietary media for hMSCs. We were also very impressed with the level of characterization and information provided for the procured cells. Amazing products and guaranteed results!
Dr. Andreea Iftimia-Mander
Jan 11, 2018
I have grown these MSCs with hBM-MSC High Performance Media kit (KT-003). These MSCs grow magically more than 100M within 5 days and exceptionally shortens experimental time. They have very good customer service as well. I will always recommend these products.
Mithu Majumder
Feb 25, 2015
Unparalleled robust and reproducible expansion of MSCs within a defined time frame. Takes much of the guess work out of designing experiments requiring large numbers of cells and greatly reduces the amount of time, energy, and consumables needed to do so. Highly recommended product.
Nov 25, 2014
I worked with these cells recently and found them very easy to handle. They grow fast and allow us to perform experiments within timelines. I would also like to add that the customer service at RoosterBio Inc. is incredible, they are readily available to help whenever in need/doubt about their products.
Nov 19, 2014
The cells grow fantastically directly from frozen. With very little effort, you have a billion cells and are ready for experiments. This dramatically cuts down on the cost of expensive stem cell media and the time between experiments. I highly recommend these.
Sharon Hyzy
Jul 11, 2014
These cells grow like crazy and freeze back really well! It used to take weeks to get enough cells for my experiments, now it takes four to five days. These cells have revolutionized my research!
Cornell University
Jul 1, 2014
These MSCs grew extremely quickly and were able to differentiate into adipogenic, chondrogenic, and osteogenic lineages. The customer service was fantastic and I recommend this product.
Brandan Walters
Jul 1, 2014
We have been very happy with these MSCs thus far. They grow incredibly fast and lessen our time in between experiments.
Rebecca Heise
Jul 1, 2014
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