hBM-MSC Pre-Clinical Development Kit (KT-023)">

XF hBM-MSC Pre-Clinical Development Kit (KT-023)

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Xeno-Free Pre-Clinical Development Kit

Perform high-impact, translational research using clinically-relevant starting and ancillary materials designed for IND-enabling pre-clinical data collection. This development kit is the transition to RoosterBio CliniControl™ product use for cGMP cell manufacturing.

  • 1 RoosterVial™-hBM-20M-XF (MSC-033) – 1 vial of 20M cryopreserved xeno-free bone marrow-derived hMSCs
  • 3 RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF (KT-016) – 500 mL
    • Media enables one expansion of hBM-MSCs to yield ~200M cells, per our process recommendation for cell expansion.
    • Media needs will be dependent on customer’s process.
    • Additional media will be needed for another expansion of these cells. Contact us for process recommendations.


Type: cells