Media Kit

Media & Public Relations Inquiries

This information is provided for members of the media and community who are interested in news and information related to RoosterBio’s Mission to: Fuel the rapid commercialization of scalable regenerative cures, and Vision of: A world where safe and effective regenerative medicines are rapidly developed and are widely available on a global scale, to benefit the lives of patients in need.

If you would like to schedule an interview with a member of our Leadership Team, please contact us. For investor opportunities, please contact us.

RoosterBio Inc Company Snapshot

  • Established: 2013 at the Frederick County Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI) in Frederick, MD. Graduated from FITCI in 2018.
  • Board of Directors: RoosterBio is a privately held company governed by an independent board of directors and trusted advisors.
  • Number of Products: 50+
  • Number of Employees: 60+
  • Headquarters Office: 5295 Westview Drive, Suite 275, Frederick, MD 21703 USA
  • Number of Countries Served: 26
  • Product Types: High volume human bone marrow-derived, adipose-derived and umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) paired with highly engineered bioprocess media systems for Development Grade (RUO) and Clinical Grade/GMP (CliniControl™) uses.
  • Customers: RegenMed product developers and manufacturers in pharma and biotech, and basic and applied researchers in academic and government labs. We do not sell our products directly to physicians for use in clinics.

RoosterBio Product Brand Names

RoosterVialTM-hBM-1M, RoosterVialTM-hBM-10M, RoosterVialTM-hBM-50M, RoosterVialTM-hAD-1M, RoosterVialTM-hAD-10M, RoosterVialTM-hAD-50M, RoosterVialTM-hUC-10M-XF, RoosterBankTM-hUC-1M-1XF, RoosterRTPTM-hBM-50M, RoosterBankTM-hBM-1M, RoosterBankTM-hBM-10M, RoosterBankTM-hBM-100M-XF, RoosterBankTM-hAD-1M, RoosterBankTM-hAD-10M, RoosterBankTM-hUC-1M-XF, RoosterNourishTM-MSC, RoosterBasalTM-MSC, RoosterBoosterTM-MSC, RoosterNourishTM-MSC-XF, RoosterBasalTM-MSC, RoosterBoosterTM-MSC-XF, RoosterReplenishTM-MSC, RoosterReplenishTM-MSC-XF, RoosterBasalTM-PF, RoosterKitTM-hAD-1M, RoosterKitTM-hBM-1M, hBM-MSC Donor Screening Kit, hAD-MSC Donor Screening Kit, hUC-MSC Donor Screening Kit, EV Boost™, RoosterCollect™-EV, RoosterVialTM-hBM-20M-CC, RoosterVialTM-hAD-20M-CC, RoosterNourishTM-MSC-CC, RoosterBasalTM-MSC-CC, RoosterBoosterTM-MSC-CC, RoosterReplenishTM-MSC-CC

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RoosterBio Accolades

In addition to the many awards our employees have received for their tremendous professional achievements, RoosterBio is proud of the accomplishments we have made as a company and appreciate the recognition bestowed upon us by our colleagues.


  • Champion of Maryland Manufacturing – Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland
  • Maryland’s Emerging Life Sciences Company of the Year Finalist – Maryland Tech Council
  • Maryland’s Chief Executive Officer of the Year (Margot Connor) – Maryland Tech Council
  • Maryland International Business Leadership Award (Margot Connor, CEO) – World Trade Center Institute
  • 30 Best Leaders to Watch (Margot Connor, CEO) – Silicon Valley Review
  • Top 50 Workplace – Frederick County Office of Economic Development, Frederick Magazine
  • Top Washington-area Workplace – The Washington Post


  • Most Valuable VC-Backed Company Led By a Woman in Maryland – PitchBook
  • Excellence in Regenerative Medicine Acceleration USA – Acquisition International 
  • Frederick County Best Places to Work Winner – Frederick County & City Government, Frederick Chamber of Commerce
  • Maryland’s Emerging Technology Company of the Year Finalist – Tech Council of Maryland
  • Best Technology Winner – Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI)
  • Design Envy Award – Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc (FITCI)


  • 15 Most Promising Biotech Startups – Startup City
  • Most Influential Marylanders (Margot Connor, CEO) – The Daily Record
  • Most Innovative Biofabrication Company – BioFabUSA
  • Top Executive to Watch (Jon A. Rowley, PhD, Founder & CPO) – BioFabUSA
  • Frederick’s Top 50 CEOs (Margot Connor) – Frederick County Office of Economic Development, Frederick Magazine
  • Most Creative Deal Winner – Frederick Real Estate Dealmakers (FRED) Awards
  • Champions of Manufacturing – Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland


  • “Top 10” Technology Industry Award (Margot Connor, CEO) – Baltimore Business Journal


  • Business Leader Award – Frederick County Office of Economic Development


  • Maryland Incubator Company of the Year Finalist – Maryland Incubation Association