Our Culture

Occasionally companies are born who employ people who tackle something different, something that transcends the usual beliefs about the economy and business, and something that has the chance to create new opportunities for millions. That’s what we’re building at RoosterBio. RoosterBio is a regenerative medicine company formed in 2013 by Dr. Jon Rowley, our Chief Product Officer with the early mission of accelerating the stem cell-based bioeconomy. We have grown significantly since our humble beginnings. It has been an amazing journey – and our pioneering voyage continues.

RoosterBio is a team of dedicated employees that are continuously driving our current Mission of fueling the rapid commercialization of scalable regenerative cures. This furthers our Vision of a world where safe and effective regenerative medicines are rapidly developed and are widely available on a global scale, ultimately benefiting patients in need. Collectively, we pursue our Mission and accomplish our Vision through each Rooster’s hard work, creativity, solution-focus and commitment to our Values.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We are obsessed with our customers’ success


We do the right thing even when no one is looking


We are a responsible, respectful, and collaborative team working and winning together


We lead the industry with innovative technologies and novel approaches


We foster a lighthearted environment full of passionate colleagues

Quality Excellence

We nurture a hard-working innovative culture where quality begins at inception

Sense of Urgency

We are responsive, decisive and nimble in driving towards meaningful goals

Solution Focus

We meet challenges with positive attitudes, open minds and thoughtful solutions


We tackle difficult problems that others avoid, and never give up


We strive to reduce waste whenever possible

Life at the Roost

At RoosterBio, we’re all about working collaboratively with our fellow Roosters, our customers and our partners. In return, we get to experience remarkable results as a Team. We have put a lot of thought into the kind of workplace we want to have. While we work hard, we also strive to maintain a work environment that is innovative, open, fun and collegial. We appreciate each individual employee’s expertise, ideas and suggestions, and we seek out input. Together, we strive to continually make RoosterBio a progressively better organization, service provider and employer. In fact, we have a Culture Club that focuses solely on Making Work Awesome.

The impact that RoosterBio is making in the field of regenerative medicine is simply awesome! It feels great to be part of a team which constantly encourages you to do your best.

Prarthana Ravishankar
Research Associate

I was attracted to RoosterBio because of the viability of the business model … and the people. As someone that joined the company very early on, RoosterBio has continued to hire the best of the best and established a company culture that is second to none.

Tom Rogers
Director of Global Customer Support & Sales Operations

As in any quality position, the day to day sense of pride comes from the consistency and attention to detail that we must exercise in every motion. The reproducibility and data driven mentality we strive for at Rooster is bar none.

Alexandra Bezilla
Quality Control Analyst