Xeno-free Exosomes

Produced in RoosterBio’s optimized xeno-free EV production platform Multiple downstream process levels and fill/finish configurations Available from bone marrow-, umbilical cord-, and adipose-derived hMSCs For Research Use Only

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Exosome/EV Production Media & Supplements

  • Xeno-free and chemically defined
  • Qualified to be low-particulate
  • Streamlines exosome collection
  • Formulations for radically increased hMSC-EV yields
  • For Research Use Only

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cGMP CliniControl™ Exosome/EV Production Media

  • Xeno-free, chemically defined, and cGMP
  • Qualified to be low particulate
  • Scalable to 3D Bioreactor platforms with closed system bagged formats
  • Supported by U.S. FDA Type II Master Files
  • For Further Manufacturing Use Only

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Industrialized Exosome Production

Revolutionize the production of exosomes/extracellular vesicles (EVs) with a translation-friendly, scalable bioprocess system designed to drive massive EV yields while minimizing processing time, allowing you to concentrate on your end product. When used alongside RoosterBio’s high-volume xeno-free hMSCs and paired bioprocess media, our EV collection media transfers radically increase EV productivity in both 3D bioreactor and 2D culture applications to meet product development needs and industrialize your extracellular vesicle supply chain.