From Concept to Clinically Tested Therapeutic

Our Process Development Services help you build clinical phase-appropriate cGMP processes for your specific product needs. Our solutions enable custom manufacturing processes to align with regulatory guidance, scale to fit future needs, and rapidly turn product concepts into clinically tested therapeutics.

Process Development Services

Accelerate Your Therapeutic Program

Key quality attributes such as phenotype, function, and growth kinetics are vital to understanding expansion and the therapeutic potential of your hMSC. Utilizing expertise backed by years of experience in hMSC isolation, manufacturing, and characterization, RoosterBio’s Analytical Services will assess these aspects of your cell populations to accelerate your therapeutic program.

hMSC Analytical Services

Overcome Challenges for Exosome-Based Therapies

The size, heterogeneity, and complex composition of exosomes/extracellular vesicles creates challenges for the use of conventional analytical tools and strategies, especially for critical quality attributes such as purity and potency. That is why RoosterBio has developed an extensive panel of analytical methods to address these challenges and support your process development and manufacturing.

Exosome Analytical Services