Guiding Advanced Therapy Manufacturing

Leverage RoostersBio’s expertise gained from working every day on key challenges in cell and exosome manufacturing. Our Process Development Services guide you step-by-step towards your advanced therapy program’s unique goals. RoosterBio builds manufacturing processes from the ground up and optimizes current programs to align with distinct regulatory and scale needs. Rapidly progress from where you are today to the top of your mountain.

Simplify your journey by joining the growing number of companies benefitting from our customer-centric approach.

Process Development Services

Analytical Services

Advanced therapy programs are complex arrays of upstream and downstream processes that must reliably work together to produce consistent products worthy of clinical use. Our Analytical Services utilize our industry-leading hMSC and exosome knowledge to give you the information that you need pre-process, in-process, and post-process to ensure your products maintain the critical quality attributes you care about.

Build to Your Specifications: QuickShip™ MSCs, Exosomes, & Media Solutions

RoosterBio’s QuickShip™ MSCs, Exosomes, and Media leverage our supply chain and manufacturing expertise to deliver a “made-to-order” hMSC or hMSC-derived Exosome bank or bioprocess media format built to your specifications. You select the total quantity needed, manufacturing platform, donor/tissue type, and desired downstream processing, fill, and finish then RoosterBio will make and characterize your needed materials to your specifications.

Whether you need billions of MSCS, trillions of exosomes, or media to fit your process needs; spend less time developing your raw material supply chain and more time focused on your endpoint application with highly consistent starting raw materials that inject confidence in your product’s reproducibility.