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What People Are Saying

We’ve been very pleased with the performance of Rooster cells and media that we’ve purchased - they’ve performed very well and consistently with specifications. We’ve been particularly impressed with the quality of the Rooster team - both their expertise and commitment to customer service. They’ve gone the extra mile in helping us get up to speed with their products and have been a pleasure to work with.

BioTech CEO

RoosterBio products have facilitated my research involving bone marrow-derived MSCs by providing high-quality products that have been tested for purity and performance. The robust MSC characterization practices followed by RoosterBio is important for my lab’s research, and thus RoosterBio MSCs are our first choice in commercial cell procurement.

Rebekah Samsonraj
Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

Our CMC consultants recommended RoosterBio's platform as the industry's "gold standard" in MSC manufacturing. We found the RoosterKit for growing human bone marrow-derived MSCs straightforward and easy to use, with all the guesswork taken out of the cell culture process.

BioTech Company

One of the greatest advantages of using RoosterBio MSCs is that it enables us to directly use hundreds of millions of cells for the fabrication of densely-packed spheroids or cell-laden hydrogels at physiologically-relevant cell densities. This is believed to have a huge impact on the fabrication of scalable tissues with a great potential in replacing clinically relevant tissue or organ loss.

Ibrahim Ozbolat
Professor, Penn State University

We Make You the Priority

RoosterBio® Acceleration Services utilize our core products and expertise to help develop cell-based therapies with commercially-viable biomanufacturing processes, right-sized to your needs.

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