Human Mesenchymal Stem / Stromal Cells

Available in multiple tissue and from multiple donors, our hMSCs are sourced under strict guidelines, manufactured with highly standardized processes, and supported by 1st in class characterization.

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Cell & Exosome Media

Eliminate media exchange with hMSC expansion medium and bioreactor feed and increase exosome yields with EV media solutions. Available in cGMP formats and supported by 2D and 3D standardized processes.

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Human Exosomes / Extracellular Vesicles

RoosterBio hMSC-derived exosomes / extracellular vesicles are produced from multiple human tissue sources using industry-leading upstream production, downstream processing, and characterization. Available in RoosterVial™ Exosome format for immediate delivery or QuickShip™ Exosome format where you choose tissue type, 2D or 3D production, batch size, and downstream processing level.

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Genetic Engineering Tools

Radically increase transduction and transfection efficiency of primary cells for reductions in key viral an non-viral agent raw material costs.

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Cell & Media Kits

Bundles for easy MSC expansion, to economically screen multiple hMSC donors, or to get started in 3D bioreactor expansion with kits complete with our hMSCs, bioprocess media, and protocols.

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cGMP CliniControl™ Products

CliniControl products are hMSCs and paired bioprocess media, manufactured in compliance with cGMPs and supported by U.S. FDA Type II Master Files, which allow you to reach clinically relevant lot sizes in days instead of weeks.

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Develop Successfully Together

The path to IND approval for cell-based therapies can be challenging and time consuming with strict regulatory requirements. That is why RoosterBio provides Process Development Services to help you build clinical phase appropriate cGMP processes for your specific product needs. Right-sized to your current hMSC-based therapeutic program, we take a customer centric approach - transferring the product and process knowledge back to you. We will help you build a cost-effective process to meet your future milestones.

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