High Volume hMSCs (BM, UC)

Designed for product development, translation-friendly umbilical cord-, bone marrow-, and adipose-derived hMSCs are available as single vial working cell banks - RoosterVial™, fully-expanded, ready-to-seed cells - RoosterRTP™, banks of cells - RoosterBank™, and easy-to-test kits - RoosterKit™. RoosterBio® hMSCs simplify and accelerate process development.

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hMSC Bioprocess Media

Exploring the limits of media productivity, our highly engineered bioprocess media are the only products that support a scalable hMSC platform. Designed for batch (2D) and fed-batch (3D) culture processes, - our media Nourishes, Replenishes, and Boosts hMSCs.

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cGMP Products

Get to the clinic, faster. CliniControl™ (CC) products are clinically-relevant hMSCs and paired bioprocess media - manufactured under cGMP and supported by Master Files on file with the US FDA. A qualified supply chain compresses development timelines for cell-based therapies.

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Extracellular Vesicle (EV) Production

Revolutionized extracellular vesicle production starts with a translation-friendly, scalable bioprocess system to drive massive EV yields. A golden standard for EVs, our hMSC-geared process simplifies getting EVs into your workflow - and eases the transition from rapid cell expansion to dependable collection in 2D or 3D.

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hMSC Kits

Economically screen multiple hMSC donors with a Donor Screening Kit, get set up in a bioreactor, or start bioprinting. When you bundle our cell and bioprocess media, you get a rapid product testing format that’s right for you.

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Genetic Engineering Media

Radically increase transduction efficiency of primary cells as part of a simplified, efficient, and economical hMSC-genetic engineering platform.

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Develop Successfully Together

The path to IND approval for cell-based therapies can be challenging and time consuming with strict regulatory requirements. That is why RoosterBio provides Process Development Services to help you build clinical phase appropriate cGMP processes for your specific product needs. Right-sized to your current hMSC-based therapeutic program, we take a customer centric approach - transferring the product and process knowledge back to you. We will help you build a cost-effective process to meet your future milestones.

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