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We Empower Multiple Cell-Based Therapeutic Approaches

An industrialized supply chain of high quality hMSCs paired with productive bioprocess media and key process parameters will fuel the 10s to 100s of next generation cell-based therapeutics that were once on the horizon.

We’re doing our part to reduce time to market with:

  • Compressed customer product development timelines
  • A clear path from research to cGMP manufacturing with standardized MSC bioprocess systems

Powerful MSC Technology at Your Fingertips

High quality working cell banks & simplified regulatory documentation

Off-the-shelf working cell banks for cGMP manufacturing supported by Type 2 FDA Master Files.

Lowest cost per million cells

Scalable products that support a commercially-viable cost structure.

More MSCs: same space, less time

Rapid scaling of process with demonstrated comparability in smallest footprint possible. Billions is the new millions.

Reduced time to clinic and to market

First-in-human testing in a fraction of the time, and right-sized for your clinical phase.

Our hMSC Systems

No matter your track, there's a built-in manufacturing process.

*Initial passage number is dependent on product vial

There’s a tectonic shift in motion where we’re mixing and matching powerful technologies not to just create something new, but mixing and matching with standardized components to push the entire field forward. It’s now effortless to incorporate MSCs into technology pipelines – to drive a tremendously positive impact on human healthcare.

Therapeutic cell manufacturing will never be the same.