• High Volume hMSCs
  • Bioprocess Media
  • cGMP Products
  • EV Production
  • hMSC Kits

Empower Your Therapeutic Development

An industrialized supply chain of high-quality hMSCs paired with productive bioprocess media and key process parameters can fuel hundreds of next-generation cell-based therapeutics on the horizon. We utilize our core products and expertise to help develop cell-based therapies with commercially viable biomanufacturing processes, right-sized to your needs.

  • Scalable hMSC and Exosome Product Systems
  • Designed for 2D and 3D Processes
  • Facilitating Research and cGMP Manufacturing

More Cells in Less Time

Highly Productive Products

Billions is the new millions for consistent, high-quality cells

Lowest Cost per Million Cells

Commercially viable cost structure scalable from 2D to 3D

Standardized Bioprocess Systems

Off-the-shelf products with faster, easier protocols and reduced risk

Reduced Product Development Timelines

A clear path from research to cGMP manufacturing in a fraction of the time

*Initial passage number is dependent on product vial

Technology Supported by Experience

Alongside our innovative core technology is years of industry experience to support your hMSC-based research and manufacturing. Work with us to radically shorten your development timelines and accelerate your path to commercialization.

Process Development Services