ISCT 2021 | International Society of Cell & Gene Therapy Annual Meeting


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  • Enhancing hMSC Extracellular Vesicle Productivity with a Novel Collection Media for Scalable MSC-EV Generation presented by Michelle Trempel
  • Development of an Optimized Lentiviral Transduction Medium and Process to Manufacture Genetically Modified MSC Working Cell Banks presented by Terri Willstaedt
  • Development and Optimization of Xeno-Free Fed-Batch Stirred-Tank Bioreactor Process for hMSC Manufacturing Utilizing DoE Approach presented by Robert Kirian

Tutorial & Showcase

  • Key Considerations in Scalable Regenerative Medicine Manufacturing Process Development presented by Jon Rowley, PhD and Joseph Candiello, PhD
  • Key Considerations for hMSC Process Development presented by Theresa D’Souza, PhD