BioSolution Designs & RoosterBio Announce Collaboration on Genetically Modified MSCs for Biotherapeutic Development

Frederick, MD, May 2, 2024 – BioSolution Designs (BSD), a biotechnology invention studio developing proprietary platforms for multigenic gene and cell therapies, today announced its ongoing strategic collaboration with RoosterBio, a leading provider of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs), highly engineered media solutions, and bioprocess development services.

This partnership leverages BSD’s multigenic design and assembly platform, Bird of Prey, and cell engineering expertise along with RoosterBio’s cutting-edge MSC and exosome bioprocessing products, manufacturing protocols, and analytical services to simplify the development and manufacturing of engineered MSC derived therapies.

Together, BSD and RoosterBio deliver an end-to-end solution for the engineering and development of cell- and exosome-based therapeutics, including BSD’s genetic engineering expertise and RoosterBio’s critical raw materials, expert process development, and advanced analytical characterization. Both teams have proven capabilities to deliver engineered therapies that possess a favorable global regulatory profile.

Dr. Thomas D. Reed, CEO of BSD, commented on the partnership, saying, “Mesenchymal stem cells represent a major untapped resource with broad therapeutic utility, from regenerative medicine to treating rare diseases. Understanding all too well that ‘The Product is the Process,’ we are thrilled to collaborate with RoosterBio, whose raison d’etre revolves around controlling all aspects of scalable cGMP manufacturing and characterization of human MSCs and MSC-derived exosomes. This partnership will not only benefit our internal therapeutic initiatives but will provide a seamless transition for BSD’s OspreyBio customers to send multigenic therapeutic candidates to RoosterBio for efficient manufacturing.”

“BSD is at the leading edge of advanced therapy engineering,” said Tim Kelly, CEO of RoosterBio. “By combining Biosolution Designs’ innovative multigenic technologies with our well-established cell therapy products and scalable bioprocess manufacturing platforms, we will accelerate the clinical progression of the next generation of cell and exosome therapeutics.”


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About BioSolution Designs

BioSolution Designs (BSD) is a biotechnology invention studio developing first-in-class multigenic therapies for complex diseases using proprietary purpose-built multigenic technology platforms to create, control, deliver, and manufacture such therapies for cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and musculoskeletal diseases. BSD invents multigenic platforms and commercializes them as biotools through its wholly owned OspreyBio operations. BSD also leverages the platforms to develop (up through IND filing) multigenic therapeutics and spin them out into disease area focused therapeutic companies. BSD’s platform/biotools plus its therapeutics spinout business model enables distribution of external investments pursuant to specific investor interests in the platform/biotools business or the therapeutics spinouts, as each have different risks and return profiles. The Founder and CEO of BSD is Dr. Thomas Reed, who was previously the Founder and Chief Science Officer of Intrexon, now known as Precigen.

About RoosterBio

RoosterBio accelerates human mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (hMSC) and extracellular vesicle (EV) product and process development to fuel the rapid implementation of scalable advanced therapies. Our high-quality hMSCs, bioprocess media, genetic engineering tools, and EV production solutions are paired with expert bioprocessing knowledge to progress therapeutic developers from concept to first-in-human testing and commercial manufacturing at reduced cost and increased productivity. With optimized, scalable processes, Type II Master Files, and cGMP products, we have enabled therapeutic programs to traverse their path to clinical translation in under one year. RoosterBio is driven by clients’ success and creating a world where safe and effective regenerative medicines are rapidly developed and widely available on a global scale.

About OspreyBio

OspreyBio, a wholly owned subsidiary of BSD and a leading provider of reagents and tools that simplify the development and delivery of complex DNA and RNA therapeutics. The company, led by CEO Sam Glickstein, was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Frederick, MD. OspreyBio is the only company dedicated to making multigenic research the new standard for complex therapy R&D.  Today’s multigenic diseases pose the biggest unresolved threats to human health. However, there are no accessible, easy-to-use multigene vector construction tools or multigene delivery tools on the market. The gene and cell therapy industry is still relatively nascent and genetic engineering technologies available to date have limited current approved and many therapies in the clinic to monogenic rare diseases. OspreyBio seeks to introduce novel multigenic gene and cell therapy biotools to enable gene and cell therapy research on complex multigenic diseases, such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and many solid tumors.