Process Design & Acceleration

Your Process, Your Knowledge

We provide uniquely transparent and traceable process development enabling streamlined transfer of  knowledge back to your organization or facilitating tech transfer to a CMO for further cGMP manufacturing.

Join the growing number of companies benefiting from a customer centric approach that accelerates their path to commercialization.


We work with you, early on, applying RoosterBio’s innovative core technology and hMSC expertise to establish a commercially-viable biomanufacturing process that incorporates your cell-based product’s critical quality attributes. Our goal is to ensure this process is right-sized for now, scalable to fit future needs, and built with a sustainable business model to commercialize your product sooner.

Our process design services include:
  • Upstream culture and harvesting
  • Downstream volume reduction, purification, and vialing
  • 2D scale-out or 3D bioreactor scale-up
  • hMSC integration into cell-based therapies
  • Exosome and EV production, collection, and purification
  • hMSC-based gene therapy/modification

We’re focused on getting your product to the finish line.

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