RoosterBank-hUC Promotional Bundle

RoosterBanks available in 1M and 10M sized vials of human umbilical cord-derived hMSCs (hUC-MSCs) enable meaningful data generation from early stage product development through late stage process improvements and IND filings by ensuring confidence in your results with consistent starting materials at right-sized scales while maintaining consistent hMSC PDL as you determine your final products critical quality and process attributes.

Accelerate your hMSC-based therapeutic  pipeline with RoosterBio’s high-volume hMSCs, bioprocess media, and batch-culture bioprocess solutions.

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  • RoosterBank™-hUC-10M-XF

    5 or 10X RoosterVial™-hUC-10M-XF

  • RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF

    A standardized, xeno-free bioprocess medium for the rapid expansion of hMSCs

  • RoosterBank™-hUC-1M-XF

    5 or 10X RoosterVial™-hUC-1M-XF

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Productivity and consistency built into your product and process development
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Product Features

  • Each RoosterBank™ comes with 5 or 10 vials of 10 million xeno-free (XF) hUC-MSCs
  • > 20 fold expansion in 4 to 5 days when cultured with our RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF bioprocess media
  • Always run experiments with MSCs from the same donor lot and at a consistent PDL
  • Manufactured with the same cGMP compatible processes as 1M vial (C43001UC)
  • 1st in class CofA and QC Brief with lot specific functional hMSC characterization (identity, trilineage differentiation, immunomodulatory potential, and angiogenic cytokine secretion)

*If applicable please specify donor/lot during checkout

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