An Open Letter to the Builders of the Cell-based BioEconomy

Dear Stem Cell Pioneer,
February marks the one-year anniversary of RoosterBio shipping our first stem cell products to our valued customers, and I personally am very excited for the coming year ahead. We look forward to delivering even more high-quality stem cells to people like you that are doing amazing things.
Looking forward into 2015 and beyond, I want to make sure we are staying true to our mission: to greatly increase the availability and accessibility of stem cell technology to researchers and product developers across the globe – and that we are committed to our vision of accelerating the pace of product development in the cellular therapy, bioprinting, and tissue engineering markets.  I am hoping to focus our efforts to make sure that we are moving your discoveries and developments forward faster than anticipated.  This will not just be a win for our customers and RoosterBio, but for the entire Regenerative Medicine field.
In 2014 after launching our hMSCs in the unprecedented product format of 10 million cell vials to glowing reviews, we quickly implemented our Starter Kits and Working Cell Bank formats based on your feedback.  These new formats allow for accelerated testing, performance verification, and standardized small-scale experimentation with reproducible outcomes.  We also initiated multiple collaborations with leaders in the tissue engineering and biofabrication fields – which has led to multiple conference posters, presentations, and soon-to-be-submitted publications.
We also find ourselves at the precipice of a boom in biofabrication technologies, and we consider this the beginning of the Golden Age of Tissue Engineering.  I anticipate great progress will be made at an increasingly rapid pace.  Now that many of the tools required for bioprinting are becoming “democratized” (simpler, less expensive, more accessible) such as 3D BioPrinters, biomaterials, and primary cells – laboratories can get up and running in a matter of weeks with limited initial resources, something that would have taken months to years and extensive capital in the past.  We are at a special time, and the entire field will be accelerating forward at a rapid pace, making biofabrication truly an exponential medical technology.
2015 will truly be an exciting year for RoosterBio.  We will be participating in a Stem Cell Manufacturing Training Program, helping to organize several conferences on Cell Therapy BioProcessing and BioPrinting, exhibiting at multiple conferences, as well are contributing to initiatives such as the Georgia Tech Cell Manufacturing Consortium and the NIST Workshop on Strategies to Achieve Measurement Assurance for Cell Therapy Products.  The primary motivation behind these initiatives is to make sure that we are driving forward our vision and delivering on our mission.
None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of the entire RoosterBio team, as well as the support that we are getting from you, our valued customers.  Please continue to join us on our journey as we accelerate the development of the Cell-based BioEconomy.

All the best from Frederick, Maryland.

Jon A Rowley
Chief Executive & Technology Officer
RoosterBio Inc.

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