5 or 10X RoosterVial™-hBM-1M-XF

  • SKU/Catalog No: MSC-1M-5XF
  • Components: MSC-031
  • Unit Size: 5 or 10 vials of 1 million XF cryopreserved cells
  • Price: $1,850.00$3,455.00
Designed as a standardized source of cellular raw materials to bring consistency to your process development.
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The RoosterBank™-hBM-1M-XF contains 5 (MSC-1M-5XF) or 10 (MSC-1M-10XF) vials from a single donor of 1M xeno-free cryopreserved hBM-MSCs (RoosterVial™-hBM-1M-XF, Part No. MSC-031) isolated from the iliac crest of normal adult donors under xeno-free (XF) conditions and manufactured with cGMP compatible processes. RoosterBanks allow for consistent starting material across multiple experiments and eliminate the cost and time associated with cell banking, thus accelerating the experimental and product development timelines. Each produced lot is released based on hMSC identity (cell surface marker expression), expansion potential, sterility, and differentiation potential and provided QC brief contains industry-leading functional characterization (immunomodulatory potential (IDO assay), angiogenic cytokine secretion), giving added confidence in quality, reproducibility, and ease of integration.

RoosterBank™ supports multiple small to mid-scale product development tests. Scale-up to higher cell volumes with our RoosterBank™-hBM-10M-XF (5 or 10 vials, MSC-1M-5(10)XF) or RoosterBank™-hBM-100M-XF (MSC-035). When used as a complete hBM-MSC bioprocessing system along with RBI’s 2D Batch or 3D Bioreactor Fed-Batch process recommendations and RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF, each vial can produce > 100 million high-quality hMSCs within 8 -10 days – giving added confidence in quality, reproducibility, and ease of integration while “Radically Simplifying” your hBM-MSC Product Development.

Product Features

  • Each RoosterBank™ comes with 5 or 10 vials of 1 million xeno-free hBM-MSCs
  • > 10 fold expansion in 4 to 5 days when cultured with our RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF bioprocess media
  • Always run experiments with MSCs from the same donor and at a consistent PDL
  • Manufactured with the same cGMP compatible processes as 10M vial (MSC-030)
  • 1st in class CofA and QC Brief with lot-specific functional hMSC characterization (identity, trilineage differentiation, immunomodulatory potential, and angiogenic cytokine secretion)

Intended Use: Research Use Only

RoosterVial™-hBM-1M-XF (xeno-free, MSC-031) cultured in RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF (KT-016) have a fibroblastic cell morphology (left) and express hMSC cell surface markers (right).
Immunomodulatory activity (left, IDO activity increase in response to IFN-y) and angiogenic cytokine secretion of a representative RoosterVial™-hBM-1M-XF (MSC-031) lot (right).
Trilineage differentiation of RoosterVial™-hBM-1M-XF (MSC-031) of a representative RoosterVial™-hBM-1M-XF (MSC-031) lot. Adipogenesis, left; Osteogenesis, middle; Chondrogenesis, right.
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