Collection Medium for Extracellular Vesicles (EVs)

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Designed for simplified, clean collection at the tail end of high EV Production.


RoosterCollect™-EV is one component of RoosterBio EV Production – a bioprocess engine for rapid EV production. Each bottle of RoosterCollect-EV is engineered to support RoosterBio’s scalable and translation-friendly Development Grade xeno-free (XF) product portfolio, including high volume hMSCs and bioprocess media. Across tissue types, this low-particulate medium and paired bioprocess scales with your stage of product development – for clean EV collection.  Particle collection can be boosted up to 5X using EV Boost™ during the collection phase.

Catalyze a complete extracellular vesicle (EV) production workflow.  Seamlessly transition from rapid cell expansion to dependable EV collection.

Product Features

  • Low-particulate medium
  • Xeno-free, protein-free, and chemically defined
  • For streamlined, scalable hMSC-based EV production. Collection scales with your system.
  • Supports radical efficiencies and EV productivity
  • Ensures end product purity
  • Supports sEV (small extracellular vesicle) characterization as recommended by MISEV
  • Used in EV, secreted protein, and conditioned medium applications.

Intended Use: Research Use Only

Figure 2(a). RoosterCollect™-EV is a low particle, low noise medium engineered for extracellular vesicle collection.
Figure 2(b). RoosterCollect™-EV supports scalable EV collection from 6 to 72 hours in both 2D vessel and 3D bioreactor systems (up to 15L shown).
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RoosterFile™ Docs

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