Umbilical Cord MSC-Exosome Bioreactor Starter Kit

1M  XF hUC-MSCs (C43001UC), 2 x RoosterNourish-MSC-XF  (KT-016), 1 x RoosterReplenish-MSC-XF (SU-023), & 2 x RoosterCollect EV (M2001)

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The human Umbilical Cord-derived MSC Bioreactor Starter Kit includes RoosterBio XF hMSCs, XF RoosterNourish expansion media, XF RoosterReplenish bioreactor feed, and EV Collection Media.  This kit allows scientists to rapidly evaluate up to 4 x 125 ml spinner flask fed-batch hUC-MSC Exosome 3D Bioreactor productions that are media exchange free during cell expansion and it utilizes RoosterCollect EV, a low particulate EV collection media, to streamline EV collection and processing.

Simplified, step-by-step process recommendations from seed-train to exosome collection are available to ensure scientists can quickly and effortlessly generate  > 1xe12 EVs within 8 to 10 days no matter their level of bioreactor experience.

Intended Use: Research Use Only

Product Features

*This package is for rapid evaluation in a spinner flask bioreactor system.  Our system has been vetted in multiple bioreactor platforms, including PBS, Sartorius, Pall, Eppendorf, Univercells, Terumo and others.  Please contact us at for other platform  recommendations.

Microcarriers not included:  Per our protocols and process recommendations for XF bioreactor cell culture, RoosterBio suggests using Corning® Low Concentration Synthemax® II Microcarriers (3781). Our system is also compatible with Corning CellBIND® Microcarriers (3779).


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