A standardized, xeno-free bioprocess medium for the rapid expansion of hMSCs

  • SKU/Catalog No: K82016
  • Components: M22520; SU-016
  • Unit Size: 500mL bottle of RoosterBasal™2.0-CC and 10mL bottle of RoosterBooster™-MSC-XF
  • Price: $497.00
Engineered to drive unparalleled productivity in research and eliminate media exchanges - with a path to cGMP manufacturing.


RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF is a translation-friendly, xeno-free (XF) bioprocess medium designed to eliminate media exchanges during rapid expansion of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) from multiple tissue sources. This medium supports in vitro expansion of hMSCs in a 2D batch process or in a 3D bioreactor fed-batch process with our RoosterReplenish™-MSC-XF bioreactor feed.  RoosterNourish™-MSC-XF has unparalleled productivity (Millions of cells produced per Liters of media consumed) compared to other MSC media on the market. Used alongside our XF RoosterVial™-MSC and following RoosterBio® protocols, we guarantee 10X hMSC expansion within 4-6 days.

This medium has been used to generate high volumes of hMSC critical raw materials worldwide and has supported top regenerative medicine research, product developers, and translational institutions.

Intended Use: Research Use Only

*This medium and its components are not suited for hMSC differentiation.

Product Features

  • 500 mL RoosterBasal™2.0-CC and 10 mL RoosterBooster™-MSC-XF
  • High-performance xeno-free (XF) hMSC expansion media for batch and fed-batch culture systems
  • No media exchanges required
  • No surface coatings required when using Corning CellBind™ surfaces
  • > 10 fold expansion within 4-6 days of culture when used with our RoosterVial™ XF and provided processes
  • cGMP version available for rapid translation into clinical manufacturing
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