QuickShip™ hMSCs

hMSC Cell Banks



QuickShip hMSCs are “made-to-order” human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells manufactured under either serum or xeno-free conditions using RoosterBio’s optimized production platform.

Focus on your R&D and product development with a cell bank made to your specifications. You select from our donor and tissue library, manufacturing platform, MSC fill volume, and desired passage;  and RoosterBio will make and characterize your bank for traditional hMSC hallmark surface protein and safety testing. Additional characterization is available from our hMSC Analytical Services.

QuickShip hMSCs leverage our advanced equipment capabilities and expertise so you can conduct experiments instead worrying about consistency in your starting cellular raw materials.



Product Features

  • QuickShip human adipose-, bone marrow-, and umbilical cord-derived hMSCs
  • Available in Serum [hBM] or Xeno-Free [hBM, hUC, hAD]
  • Multiple donors available
  • Available in early passage hMSC for further expansion or pre-expanded for direct use in experiments
  • Produced in 2D multi-layer vessels or 3D bioreactor manufacturing systems
  • Production of up to > 1 Billion hMSCs per lot
  • Filled and cryopreserved to your specifications
  • Analyzed for hallmark hMSC surface markers [CD73, CD90, CD105, CD166] & tested for safety & sterility

Intended Use: Research Use Only

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