Our Products

Our products are human bone marrow-derived and adipose-derived MSCs (a.k.a. Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Multipotent Stromal Cells, etc.) and paired, highly-engineered, bioprocess media formulations for rapid and reproducible expansion of these cells. Our cells and media systems are designed for researchers in the Regenerative Medicine (RM) arena (e.g., tissue engineers, cell therapists, bioprinters, and developers of next-generation processes and products). Plug-and-play systems have been assembled to accelerate your research and product development pipeline. Our Development Grade (RUO) products are manufactured with an eye towards translational science and are analogous to our CliniControl™ products – easing your transition from benchtop to bedside.

RoosterBio products allow you to quickly reach full potential - to deliver life-changing treatments.